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Conscious Touch Leads to No Mind:

An Introduction to Etienne's Unique Style of CranioSacral 


Etienne Peirsman shares all about his career practicing and teaching CranioSacral over the past 30 years, his lovely school here in Escabosa, New Mexico, and what it's like to arrive in the desert and enter into the midline space of absolute clarity. Etienne dives into his process of developing his own, unique style of cranio, built on top of a deep meditation practice. From the grounded inner no mind space, Etienne combines everything he has learned from a variety of teachers and goes further into deep communication with the heart. Through this discourse, he shares how each practitioner blooms when they (you!) do the same thing. As Etienne is fond of saying, "You are a genius."

Etienne's Keynote interactive presentation at the First Annual Online Global CranioSacral Summit, November 22-23, 2020.

A Story of Healing: Koa Kalish

Koa Kalish is a massage and CranioSacral practitioner, photographer, and writer. In her session, she will tell the story of how CranioSacral saved her life twice, healing her from two major concussions and brain injuries, and how ultimately, it led her to finding her life’s path. She will describe her first 10 years of training in biodynamic and post-biodynamic CranioSacral work, and discuss the similarities and differences she has found in her studies with Etienne Peirsman.

Koa's work can be found at

Originally presented at PSCS' Online Global CranioSacral Summit in April, 2021.

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