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Students come to Peirsman CranioSacral from all over the world!

If you are a student or alumni, we would be honored if you shared your story with us.

Please email

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"Every class I have taken with Eitenne has taken me farther and farther into depths of healing that I never imagined were possible."

- Lena Armstrong ('20)

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"You could say that studying Etienne Peirsman is the opportunity of many lifetimes."

- Salik Daniel Kramer ('20)

- Guido Baldini, '20

Owner of Lost Cowboy Tattoo & Gallery

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"Etienne has this magnificent talent to teach complicated material to his students with ease and grace — and he makes it SO FUN!"

- Eugenia Shelekhova ('20)

- Kobi Tov, '20

Owner of Vagabond Temple

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