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Etienne Peirsman



Highly inspirational and respected teacher in the field of CranioSacral, Etienne Peirsman came to Cranio in a non-traditional fashion. After a a staph infection left him with nearly 20% kidney function, he found that preparing to die brought him the clarity of total silence. In a remarkable turn of events, he was able to heal his own body, which led him to travel to the Osho International Meditation Center, where he was first introduced to Cranio, during an immersive meditation and bodywork training.


Etienne describes Cranio as the the closest thing to that wonderful silence he found during his near death experience, and from that time, 31 years ago, it became his life's passion.

His journey led him first to apprentice at the Upledger Institute in Florida, then teach at Bastyr University in Washington and the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. He is the founder of Peirsman Cranio as well as the CranioSacraal Therapie Academy in Holland, where he originated the CranioSacral Professional Organization and is an honorary member of The Dutch CranioSacral Practitioner Society.

Author of the pioneering book, "Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children" published by Penguin Random House, Etienne is about to publish his second book "Tantric Aspects of CranioSacral".


It is truly a unique experience to learn Cranio from such a passionate, talented teacher who infuses his classes with good humor and a deep dive into stillness. He strives to use simple language that engages our spontaneity. His methods are the middle ground between biomechanics Upledger style and biodynamic Sutherland style. 


In his classes, students learn to start from a no-mind space, a place where the mind can take a vacation, allowing their practice to unfold in non-duality, or what he calls the Midline.


He emphasizes the power of touch to stimulate the secretion of oxytocin, a hormone that brings a feeling of oneness and values clarity as the result of being in touch with that Midline that connects us with our life-force, our true and infinite potential.


Etienne travels the world with his life partner Toshiko, teaching where he is invited to share this opportunity of radical self transformation. He is also launching his first ever online class, that will have fascinating lectures and detailed instruction on all the hand placements, as a resource for students to learn and enjoy Cranio.


Tina Vervaeke

Family Constellations

The essence of Tina’s work is to guide people towards greater awareness of their emotions, relationships and patterns. From that insight there can be healing. She guides them, as it were, to do conscious fitness.

The way is in all simplicity with respect for what is. Less is more is the attitude from which it works.

Through the systemic 'perception' during her sessions, the broader picture is shown and what lies in the unconscious is brought to light. And this without any fuss, straight to the core of the problem , with respect for the resistance.

Tina graduated from the Peirsman Academy in 2004. Until 2013 she was a teacher at this academy in the Netherlands and Belgium. She now teaches at Peirsman CranioSacral in New Mexico, US where she teaches CranioSacral combined with systemic work .

In 2008 she also graduated from the Hellinger Institute as a supervisor for systemic work and family constellations . There she also followed the training to become an organization compiler for companies.

Wilko Ledema

Psoas Release

Wilko Ledema works as Rebalancer and Counselor. He has been one of the main teachers at the Dutch Rebalancing School for Bodywork & Meditation since 1995. Since 2017 he has the role of senior guest- teacher. Wilko is active as a guest- teacher as well at the Peirsman CranioSacral Academy in Holland since 2011 where he presents the Psoas Release 1 & 2 modules. 
One of his specialties is working with anger and fear, in which he offers yearly short and effective intensives for over 15 years.

With great passion and motivation he also shares his love and over 30 years of experience for working with awareness through the body in his private practice SAMO in Amstelveen, Holland.
Wilko has been trained in Rebalancing, Osho Counseling, Rebirthing, Primal Therapy, Arun Conscious Touch, Arun Thai Healing Bodywork, The School for the Work of Byron Katie.

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Lena Armstrong, LMT, CST-C


Lena Armstrong has been consciously working with her kundalini energy daily since 2008, and has been practicing Cranio since 2011. Her personal experience with the profound healing and transformative power of kundalini has led her deeply into her Cranio practice, and has allowed her to be a witness to that same healing potential in her clients. Lena lives and enjoys a thriving practice in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

“I began my training in bodywork at Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle, WA in 2006. While still in massage school, I felt myself drawn to CranioSacral. Over the years that pull became stronger, until finally, in 2011, I began my study of this incredibly gentle, yet powerful technique. After becoming certified as a CranioSacral practitioner through Bastyr University, I began my advanced studies with Etienne Peirsman, one of the most esteemed CranioSacral teachers in the world. To this day I continue to deepen my knowledge and understanding of this beautiful work under his guidance.”

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Ami Opal, N.D.

Internal Pelvic Alignment

Ami is a licensed naturopathic physician practicing in Oregon. She has over a decade of experience in practicing internal pelvic work, structural integration, myofascial release, and cranialsacral therapies. Through her heart, spirit centered intention and potent modalities, she helps guide you to your creative and fertile center. Ami’s offerings come from a lifetime of study and connection with the sacred threads that bind all living things.

Learn more Ami and her work here:

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