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Eyes & Vision WA

Etienne Peirsman

  • Starts Oct 21
  • 850 US dollars
  • Wild Nature Retreat Center 24322 Monroe Camp Rd, Snohomish, WA 98290

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Your eyes are very special. They are the only part of your central nervous system that connects with your environment. They see everything and are directly connected with your brain and also your Dura Mater, the membrane that surrounds your brain and spinal cord. What your eyes see, they bring to your brain and then it decides: is this dangerous? When it is not dangerous, your eyes can continue to look casually at everything. But if there’s something that might be dangerous, immediately your brain calls your stress cascade into play, causing you to feel tension and fear. Even a little bit of tension and a little bit of fear, can tug on your tailbone, your coccyx, and then your whole Dura Mater goes under stress, gets pulled by your tail, and your eyes, who are connected to it, will also be affected and endure stress. The Cranio techniques you will learn in this class will allow you to unwind your eyes and the muscles that move them, which in turn will allow the membranes around your brain to relax. Your Atlas/Occiput, base of the skull, will also relax, and then your entire spine and tailbone will experience a total unfolding. Your whole brain and mind will be able to rest and this allows you to shift your assembly point: how your brain and your senses construct your version of the world. Now, you will be able to change the way that you perceive the world to go into a more relaxed state, a parasympathetic state. Instead of looking for danger in the way that your eyes are programmed to do, you can shift them to gaze gently at the world. Your mind can now easily go into a NoMind state. For lodging there are many different options, here are some good ways to find what would be the best fit for your individual needs: Camping near Lake Roesiger, WA Many beautiful Cabins and Homes for rent on VRBO & Airbnb with varying price points. On Expedia looking for stays in Lake Roesiger, WA, Monroe or Everett will list Hotels and Motels in the area I am recommending students bring their lunch and take advantage of having a picnic in this beautiful land. 32 CEUs

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New Mexico, USA

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