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Etienne on the Heart Protector

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

The natural shield around the Heart,

the Pericardium,


besides the physical protection

also an emotional barrier

so that negative,

hurtful forces

cannot damage the Heart.

When we are very small

and vulnerable

this protection is so needed


we do not have

any personal power.

We are small,

we cannot push people away

and we have no voice that can tell people


This is where Pericardium will provide

us with its shielding powers

so the heart can grow up

without too much damage.

What we forget

is to help transform Pericardium

from sometimes being

as thick

as a steel

or concrete wall

into a manageable protector

that with the help transform our voice and the power we show,

into a functional,

flexible barrier that still protects

but is now able to let

love in


let love shine out.

A steel door will be unable

to let your love show,

let alone

being able to let other people love in.

From Talking to the Heart and the Birth of Love.

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