Wisdom from the Midline: Etienne on Clarity of Purpose

There is a moment

at the very beginning

of our body that the creating-cells,

the stem cells,

have organized themselves in three layers.

The outside layer creates skin, nervous system and the lining of all tissues that connect to the outside world.

The inside layer creates the organs.

And the middle layer will create all connective tissues.


a magic line appears,

the midline.

Without its appearance

the three layers will start creating all kinds of tissues

but in total chaos,

a ball of tissues without order

and unable to survive.

If the midline does appear it brings:

‘Clarity of purpose and clarity of placement in space and time.’

Every stem cell suddenly knows

into what cell they need to transform

to fulfill their life’s task.

And all stem cells realize where their place

in the space of the body is

where they need to migrate to

so they can fulfill their life’s task

and on top of that,

when the exact right moment

arrives to do so.

The midline will always bring

total clarity

and this keeps happening

and we can keep on connecting

to this clarity

right up to the moment of death.

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