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Re-Written in the Stars: Tina Vervaeke on Family Constellations

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

From Tina Vervaeke, a practitioner and teacher of over 15 years in Belgium and the Netherlands:

We are all born into a particular family system, or constellation. Whether it is the traditional or non-traditional family or an institution that takes care of the growing baby or young person: we are always born of parents who in turn were born into a certain system. And then there are the grandparents, parents, siblings, uncles and aunts, continents and countries of origin, creating the structure of beliefs into which we were born.

And so, sometimes we may be unconsciously wearing, following, or even living the life of someone else in our family system. We often experience this as limiting in the life that unfolds before us. We often encounter the same issues and wonder why those themes keep repeating themselves in our lives. Such as relational or professional problems, but also emotions can be experienced as non-own, although they are clearly present.

To work with a constellation, I use different tools (such as dolls or floor anchors) or I supervise a constellation in the imagination. After all, if S(ometo) E(motional) R(elease) presents itself during a cranio session, a constellation can naturally arise from this as well. Because when looked at from a distance – as if we were looking at a stage and observing what is happening there – insights about certain dynamics and entanglements in the family system can be revealed. This leads to clarity. It becomes possible to work without judgment towards a transformation of these limiting patterns, to be fully present in one's own strength, to be full in life.

Tina Vervaeke guides folk in, as it were, consciousness fitness. She teaches CranioSacral therapy combined with Systemic Work and Family Constellations. The essence of her work is to guide people towards greater awareness of their emotions, relationships and patterns. From that insight there can be healing.

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