Hong Kong

June 2020


Sheung Wan, HK


These classes will be held at Metta! Click the logo for more location information.


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Listen to and feel the inner movements of the body by connecting to the basic Cranial rhythms. Learn to give a full basic session.
Basics of Cranio Sacral
Starts Jun 6, 2020
Explore deeper Cranial rhythms and the neutral touch. Unwind the neck and extremities. Use the meridians to open the heart.
Unwinding Meridians Rhythms
Starts Jun 11, 2020
Increase the flexibility of the Cranial Base and allow the Brain to function optimally. Release a new avenue of intelligence.
Sphenoid and Intelligence Studies
Starts Jun 20, 2020
Engage the intelligence of cells and organs and speak to them directly. Release blockages from the heart and heart protector.
Talking to the Heart
Starts Jun 25, 2020

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