History of Peirsman

After working as a High School Biology and Physical Education teacher in Antwerp, Belgium for many years, Etienne Peirsman decided to travel to India in the 1990s. It was there where he studied meditation, rebalancing and craniosacral therapy.


Afterwards, after Peirsman studied with world-renowned Dr. John Upledger, for the following 20 years Peirsman developed a unique variation of craniosacral therapy known as the “midline technique.” This revolutionary technique relies on transcending consciousness to a “no mind” state, therefore allowing intuition and one’s energy to play a powerful role in healing clients accompanying both more conventional biodynamic and biomechanical approaches.


Since then, Peirsman has gone on to publish Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children (2006). He continues to be an international speaker, teacher, and spokesperson espousing both the empirical research and anecdotal stories that demonstrate the natural benefits that his technique has provided both children and adults around the world.


Peirsman Craniosacral Academy (PCA) was founded in 2008 initially with the vision to create an international and close-knit community of students, alumni and teachers of the midline technique.

It now has participants on all 6 continents who provide guidance, professional support and practical business knowledge throughout the learning process to each other. 


All midline craniosacral practitioners at PCA are encouraged and expected to feel like they can continue to thrive in mind, body, spirit and financially so that they can continue to learn and heal others throughout their lifetime.

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