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1st Annual Virtual Craniosacral Summit 


NOVEMBER 21-22, 2020

$99 SUGGESTED DONATION (includes perks)



Even though COVID-19 forced many of us to put our lives on hold this year, curiosity around the world about craniosacral therapy, and its benefits, has grown at a pace faster than ever before.


That’s why we have decided to launch this year the First Annual Online Global CranioSacral Summit 2020 this November 21-22, 2020.

All are welcome to attend this virtual event. Since our vision at Peirsman CranioSacral to make our knowledge "available for everybody,” we want to make sure that everyone who wants to attend this event is admitted. While the suggested donation is $99US, no one will be turned away.

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Many independent practitioners that combine CranioSacral (CS) with other healing practices are left figuring out on their own how to find clients, the basics of marketing, backend management, to other details that entail running a sustainable operation. In this section, we’ll have consultants and entrepreneurs share how they think and what tools they use to provide their clients the best quality of care and maintain their livelihood.


During the summit you’ll have an opportunity to hear moving client stories of recovery as a result of their CranioSacral sessions. We will also be reviewing some of the latest developments over the past couple of years from academic research to a review of some of the leading hospitals in the US that are now incorporating CS into their treatments, and why. A review of how CS is covered in mainstream media and online will also be discussed in group formats.


Throughout the event, participants will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, break out into sessions to discuss CS with other attendees, and also ask questions of the speakers. It is our hope that this summit, and future summits we hold, will help to facilitate a stronger CS community worldwide one relationship at a time.


Most CS practitioners have heard of both the biomechanical and biodynamic branches and how they have evolved. However, during the summit we will also review a scan of how CS is also being adapted to care for babies & children, animals, and how “midline” is integrating transpersonal psychology and other techniques in CS to offer healing benefits with noticeable results for clients worldwide.

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Or, with a $99US donation, access to all online webinars, both recorded and live, will include:


  • a 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee;

  • a $500 discount voucher upon the completion of certification at PCA;

  • a lifetime discount of 15% off of all future online events hosted by PCA;

  • an invitation to join private Slack channels and other online communities both before and after the online event.

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