Peirsman Cranio Sacral Certification

The Eight Core Classes:                   

Basics Class                                                                                                   

Follow Up to Basics: Unwinding Meridian Rhythms                                  

Sphenoid Studies and Intelligence                                                                  

Talking to the Heart and the Birth of Love                                                   

Allowing Expression and Listening                                                               

Understanding and Working with the Alarm Systems                                  

Eyes, Vision and Education                                                                           

The Immune System and Working with Stem Cells                                      


Additional Classes:

Pelvic Integration I                                                                                         

Babies and Small Children                                                                             

Systemic Family Constellations I                                                                  

Systemic Family Constellations II                                                                

Advanced Course choice (Brain I/II, Pelvic Int II, Death and Dying)           


Advanced Residential                                                                        

*This is the base price for the residential

Included meals and shared accommodation


After the residential, Etienne will assign a Cranio task to each student 

Self Study:

1 Cranio Book from Etienne’s list with 2 pages commentary (see Resources)                       

1 section of Milne’s book (The Heart of Listening) with 2 pages commentary                                               

Baby Book with 2 pages commentary                                                          


Class Assistant:

Assist for one class previously taken                                                                        



Given Documented Sessions – 5 per class                                                    

Received Documented Sessions from Cranio Sacral Therapist - 10

            Note: Therapists must have been in practice for at least 5 years.

            5 of the 10 sessions must be from the same therapist.

            1 page commentary for each session                                                 



Practical Test I                                                                                                           

            Taken after completion of the 1st four Core Classes with designated instructor

Practical Test II                                                                                                         

            Taken at the end of the program with Etienne or designated instructor

Written Test                                                                                                              

            Test will be sent to students to complete and return

Hrs.                 Cost

32                         $600

32                         $600

32                         $600

32                         $600

32                         $650

32                         $650

32                         $650

32                         $650


32                         $650

32                         $650

32                         $650

32                         $650

32                         $700


60                         $1500*​










15                         Varies






2                           $150

2                           $250


3                           $200



Total Program                                                                                                                         650                  $10,400




Diploma program is self-paced.

$600 discount (1st class) to those who signup for the full program. Payments plans available. 



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