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Satellite Campus Partnerships

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Located in Hong Kong, our Satellite Campus at STILLPOINT (metta!) is a craniosacral therapy and pilates studio.

The 1,500 square-foot teaching space with treatment rooms is an excellent example of what we look for with our partners.

If New Mexico is simply too far, or, you have a​ group of students who want to learn CranioSacral with Etienne, we might be able to come to you!

Our satellite campus partners around the world include wellness community centers, holistic clinics, yoga studios, and highly-regarded massage schools. We additionally partner with individuals whom are willing to rent space for PCA courses if they have a proven track record of similar healing and wellness workshops.

Satellite campus partners tend to have members or students whom are enthusiastic to learn about the healing arts. After years of nourishing their communities, they have anywhere from hundreds to thousands following their e-mail newsletters or social media accounts.

Satellite partners of Peirsman Craniosacral Academy (PCA) receive oversight directly from Etienne Peirsman. Depending on the volume of courses offered, Etienne may travel to instruct in-person. Faculty members Lorna Sigourney and Lena Armstrong also travel to teach at satellite locations.

With vetted partners, PCA has demonstrated over the years that it has a track record of selling out courses. We value win-win relationships and only succeed if our satellite campus partners do as well. In addition to providing curriculum materials and the instructor, we can also aid with communications and marketing strategy by-request. (We encourage the conservative approach to send out a survey and collect refundable deposits before making an official announcement that a course will be offered, for instance.)

If you think you are a good candidate, we would love to speak with you! Please fill out an application form and let us know if you have any questions. We hope to be working together with you soon.


Satellite Campus Partner Requirements:

  • One (1) massage table for every two (2) students

  • A room that can comfortably accommodate twenty-four (24) students in a naturally lit area

  • A track record of hosting workshops successfully with a proven marketing strategy, and collaboration in filling classes via newsletter, event calendar, social media, etc.

  • A website for the center, your personal brand, nonprofit, or entity you represent with a section (such as a blog) where afterwards you document student experiences and share the love! And we will too.

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