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For Alumni 

Join a lifelong community of encouragement, sharing and support from practitioners around the world.


With small class sizes, afterwards students tend to develop lifelong friendships and acquaintances from around the world who believe in "paying it forward," "random acts of kindness," and aiding each other professionally toward both perfecting their therapy skills. They also are advocates for the results that are possible with midline techniques for craniosacral therapy in their respective communities where they serve their clientele.

After the full recommended curriculum is completed, PCA is committed to supporting our alumni. From hosting an online forum (where the latest research, best practices for business growth, and other newsworthy items are shared with the community) to events, workshops, and summits hosted by PCA, we continue to develop ways we can help our alumni succeed after graduation.

If you have questions about PCA Alumni benefits, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Our Alumni Portal allows for members to:
  • Engage in meaningful and productive conversations online through our forum
  • Stay informed with upcoming, exclusive alumni events
  • Share latest research news and updates about craniosacral therapy
  • Create a profile and share personal updates
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