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Remember that you are a genius. Remember your endless energy. Remember your endless possibilities.

All of it is something that the Midline brings on a cellular level and as a totality.

~ Etienne Peirsman

Welcome to Peirsman Cranio

Peirsman Cranio is for anyone with an interest to connect with the environment in which the brain lives in and the force within us that holds infinite potential. 


Classes are open to artitsts, dentists, musicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, doctors, the lay person, naturopaths, osteopaths, craniosacral practitioners, nurses, physical therapists, doulas, Rolfers, massage therapists, midwives, poets, etc.


Many of our students have no experience in bodywork and find that learning CranioSacral is easy and enriches their life, creativity, and sense of well-being. 


One of Etienne Peirsman's talents is to teach in a way that is accessible to all, gracing his classes with spontaneity, good humor and a love for sinking into stillness. 



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"Etienne has this magnificent talent to teach complicated material to his students with ease and grace — and he makes it SO FUN!"

- Eugenia Shelekhova ('20)

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